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Astruck Renting offers both short-term and long-term rental of vans, trucks, tractors and trailers. We will sit down with you to understand your needs and then select the most suitable solution for you. You have the opportunity to spread the cost over several years and can still decide whether to purchase the vehicle after the rental period. Thanks to our cooperation with partners, Astruck Renting offers comprehensive mobility solutions, including fleet management, maintenance, bodywork assembly and repairs. 

Our approach ensures optimal service with minimal vehicle downtime. This takes place within an accessible, familiar and professional environment, where customer focus is key. Our proximity to the customer is an essential element in our approach. 

Miers - For hire: from van to trailer

For hire: from van to trailer

Is your vehicle being repaired or do you need an extra one? We are always ready to assist you. Astruck Renting has an extensive fleet with the most diverse types of vehicles; from vans and trucks to tractors and trailers. Make your choice.

Miers - Administration


Astruck Renting makes every effort to keep the administration running smoothly. Our rental formulas are simple and we keep the paperwork to a minimum.

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