Maintenance and repairs at Miers

Your mobility, our passion

All maintenance and repairs on your vehicle are carried out in accordance with the strict guidelines of Mercedes-Benz. In this way, you retain your guarantee and you can rest assured that only quality parts are used.

Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment in our workshop via the contact form, by e-mail or by telephone to have your car serviced with expertise. 

Miers - Maintenance at Miers

Maintenance at Miers

Our workshops are excellently equipped with the most high-performance tools and handled by certified, experienced and skilled technicians. If you entrust your car to us at the right time, you will not have to worry about the condition of your vehicle and the guarantee.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are always at your service.

Miers - Bodywork repairs according to Mercedes-Benz guidelines

Bodywork repairs according to Mercedes-Benz guidelines

Your Mercedes-Benz is a masterpiece of aesthetics, comfort and safety. But what if it gets damaged? The bodywork at Garage Miers will immediately take care of it for you. In our bodyshop, our specialists will repair your vehicle in the right way so that you can soon enjoy your Mercedes again.

After the repair you get your vehicle back in perfect condition. We also check all safety equipment once more.


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